We Have The GEULA Backwards

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We Have The GEULA Backwards

THE WORLD HAS IT ALL WRONG.  We have come to believe, whether from our teachers, or from our books, that The Geula – the Final Redemption – will cause all of our pain and suffering to go away.  How many times in history have Jews, individually and collectively longed for Moshiach (The Messiah) to come to alleviate us from our pain and suffering.  From the hurbans – the destructions of the two Holy Temples in Jerusalem, the expulsions, the massacres, the inquisitions. the false messiahs, the pograms, and the Shoah (Holocaust) came the cries for Moshiach, the wailing for the better times of the Geula.  We sat there, longed for, cried for the expected healing of our problems that Moshiach would bring.


The World has it all wrong. It has it backwards.
It is NOT that the Geula will bring the Healing. It is that the Healing will bring the Geula…

To understand, we need to review what is the unique relationship Hashem (The Hebrew word for G-d, since we do not pronounce the actual name) has with Klal Yisrael (The People of Israel).  We only have to look at the holiday of Shavuot coming up for our answer.  Shavuot (and later Yom Kippur) – Matan Torah – the time of the giving of the Torah –  is the wedding day between Hashem and Klal Yisrael, where Hashem is the Chattan or groom, the masculine energy giving partner, and Klal Yisrael is the Kallah, the bride and feminine energy receiving partner .

But since our wedding day, unfortunately, the marriage has been more than a bit rocky.  With Chutzpah and a stiff neck, we challenged Hashem ten times in the dessert, including the horrible calamities of the Het HaEgel (Sin of the Golden Calf) and the Het HaMeraglim (Sin of the Spies).  Centuries later, through the great servants King David and King Solomon, Hashem brought the Beit HaMikdash (The Temple) into existence, which was not just a physical edifice, but the resting place for the Divine / Hashem in the physical world.  The Holy of Holies in the Temple is where Heaven touched Earth, where the Finite met the Infinite – and brought immense blessing to Klal Yisrael and the world, including access to prophecy for millions.  Hashem blessed us with great Shefa (abundance) and we repaid Him by chasing other gods through avoda zara – idol worship – which in was tantamount to adultery.

This avoda zara / adultery led to the Hurban  – the first destruction of the Temple – which effectively was a separation in the marriage between Hashem & Klal YisraelBut it was not a Divorce – as Hashem designed it that we were inseparable.  And like an all loving King who married a wayward queen, the King still kept an eye out watching over the queen and making sure she was always protected, even if there was immense pain and suffering in her life.

So post Hurban – post destruction of the Temple – Klal Yirael has been subject to four Galuts – or exiles – of 1) Babylon   2) Persia  3) Greek and  the longest by far, 4) Edom – or the Roman / Christian world, the exile that we are still in today.   And these exiles – from our land, our sovereignty, and most importantly from intimate relationship with Hashem,  have brought immense hardship, pain, suffering and anguish to Klal Yisrael through the exiles, persecutions, pograms, expulsions, decimations, inquisitions and the Holocaust.

And regardless that the fault of the separation lies clearly with Klal Yirael, this pain and suffering has in turn brought the entire litany of powerful negative emotions to Jews for more than two and a half millenium: Immense anger, bitterness, resentment, feeling unworthy and worthless, abandoned, disappointed, let down, loneliness, helplessness, giving up, confusion, sadness, sorrow, frustration, and hopelessness, etc.

Now let’s put this all together.
Hashem does NOT want to bring the Geula through pain and suffering.  He wants it to come through our love and desire to reconnect to him, like a groom and bride –  Chattan and Kallah – re-uniting after  a painful separation.   With this is mind, He wants us to energetically clear all the pain and suffering of the past FIRST, so when we re-unite with Him, it will be a truly loving reunion.

A few years ago, while in a deep meditative state at the famous oil room in Meron – which is the closest place to the opening of the Cave where Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai,  the author of the  Zohar, is buried, I was quietly crying out for the answer to why there was so much pain for Klal Yisrael now.  That is when this answer ‘came down”.
“It is not the Geula that brings the Healing… It is the Healing that brings the Geula… and nobody wants a grumpy Kallah in the Yichud room (Room of intimacy post wedding)”.

I was stunned, laughing and incredulous as what came down, but stunned nonetheless.   What Hashem was telling us all is that there is so much pain and disconnect going on now because we are in a state of fixing the past, so when the reunion happens – at the revealed state of the Geula – than we will have a truly loving marriage and partnership with Hashem that was stronger than the initial one and indestructible.

And as someone who is a shaliach for Kabbalistic Healing to tens of thousands worldwide, I understood what was being described.  In order for us to heal something, it must first come to the surface. Only then can we release it from our systems.  So often when we are going through a particular challenge, we may think we are alone, but more likely today, we are working on doing Tikkunim – spiritual fixings  – for all of Klal Yisrael (or joint fixings on both a personal and communal level).  And often, a group of people, from a few  – to all of Klal Yisrael – may be involved in the same fixing.

And often a specific area to fix comes at a particular time, frequently based on the energy of the month.  Two Erev Rosh Chodesh Eluls ago (the day before the first of the month of Elul, the Hebrew month of repentance which precedes Rosh Hashana), I was also at Meron, praying for hundreds and hundreds at the grave of Rabbi Shimon.   Many of these people were from my “chevra” or group that participates in my worldwide monthly Kabbalistic Energy Healing Calls.  So since we had a strong connection, most did not only send me names to daven (pray) for, but often stories and tales of woe of the pain they were in – whether physical, emotional, financial, family, romantic or other challenges.   And one friend from Florida, who sent me a late response, had thanked me profusely “… things have gotten so bad…. I was thinking of giving up… everything seemed hopeless… thank for davening… at least now there is some hope”

After reading and re-reading her message, it hit me that almost every other message I had received from the hundreds and hundreds I had been praying for – were effectively expressions of hopelessness as well.  So it turned out, at that moment, our group was doing a collective Tikkun / fixing of hopelessness for the Klal.  And both before and after that day, our chevra has been involved in many other tikkuns for the Klal as well, each time unknowingly focusing on different areas of healing needed.

So Let’s all stay focused, and with emunah (faith), that when challenges are happening, they are basically part of something great, even if we can not see it yet.  And to keep working on rectifying our middot – our character traits – as we are not only fixing ourselves, but we are sweetening and speeding up the Geula process.

Happy Rosh Chodesh Iyar

Chaim David Yosef Targan

Iyar 1, 5778  (Apil 16, 2018)
Tzfat, Israel

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AUTHOR’s NOTE:  This article has been trying to come out of me for the past 2-3 years, and now, bezrat Hashem, with the koach  of overlooking Meron in my window, with the enhanced holy energy of Rosh Chodesh IYAR – the month of Healing,  –  and with the sweetness and inspiring singing and instruments of hundreds singing outside my front door Moshiach Songs – as I am privileged to be living in Tzfat on the famous Moshiach Alley –  I will attempt to get this message out with clarity.


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