8 Questions That Will Alter Your Life

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8 Questions That Will Alter Your Life

If you were walking next to me each morning during my 15 minute walk to minyan, you would overhear me asking the following eight questions. Why do I do this?  Because they immediately shift my energy, clear my head, make me happier, and set up the pathway for a more abundant life.

By definition, we all came into the world to refine our lives, to help fix the world, to achieve our missions, to overcome our challenges, and to repair our tikunim – the spiritual repairs that are needed that we inherited from our previous lives. So how do we do this?  As a teacher and practitioner of Kabbalistic energy healing, I get asked this question all the time. While most of the “work” that I personally do for my clients and workshop members is of a mystical nature and I am either unable or unauthorized to teach it, there are still numerous simpler methods that I can easily share. They can help us improve challenges in the pursuit of both happiness and clearing the lifelong blocks that prevent us from reaching our potential. To that end, it is my hope that this series of articles – of which this is the first – will help all of us to start clearing these lifelong challenges and blocks in our lives to create happier, more fulfilled, and more giving lives that are more closely connected to Hashem.

Say These 8 Statements with Kavana 3x each… and feel the energetic Shift in your head. That Shift you are feeling is what is attracting positive things into your life.

The first tool I would like to share are 8 Questions I say every day. These came “down” to me about a year and a half ago.I include them in my daily emails for the Abra-Ca-Dabra Monthly Consciousness Shifting Program.  In short –  these questions, which work best when said out loud, help shift our consciousness, and by shifting our consciousness, we change what we attract into our lives. In a future article, I will discuss the Torah basis for this, but for now just know that simply by asking these questions, you are making positive shifts and strides in your life.


These specific questions all start with the phrase “What Can Be Done or Can I Do…?”  Asking questions allows us to access possibilities for change that we, as limited human beings, might not otherwise consider or be aware of, but Hashem is unlimited and so are the potentials. For example, if I were to ask each one of you how many ways you personally could earn money, most of you would tell me two or three ways that have crossed your mind, while a long-time entrepreneur could probably tell me 15 income possibilities. However, the real answer is that Hashem has unlimited ways to allow us to earn our parnassa. I experienced this personally, when “out of the blue” I was contacted for a stint as an expert witness for a case involving an email business, as I had previously started one of the pioneering email businesses in the early days of the internet. As that longtime serial entrepreneur mentioned above, I could have given you a 100 different ways I could earn a living, but that form of income wasn’t on my the list or even my radar.

So, we use a question to help us to “let go” of our own limitations holding things back and to invite and allow Hashem to take over. If done right, we are actually using our free will to give up our free will to Hashem, who knows what is for our highest and greatest good.



The best way for this to have impact is to say each of the questions slowly and with Kavana (strong focused attention and intention). A month or two ago, one of the secrets of “manifesting” was clarified to me in a meditation in the Mikveh. It was that each question or affirmation for creation should be repeated three times (and in more advanced ways which will be shared in a future article). This kabbalistically represents the three “garments” of Thought, Speech, and Action, which are mentioned throughout our tefilot (prayer services) and was revealed to me that they are also the three components of manifesting/actualizing in the world.

After asking each question 3x, wait a moment and try to feel the energy shift. It may come in many forms, but usually people say they feel happier, clearer, and have a more focused head. So now, let’s move onto the actual questions.




1. Consciousness Shifting

“What can be done, or can I do, to Shift my Consciousness to the One that You, Hashem want me to have?”
Hashem put us in the world to enable us to gain the merit and reward of shifting our consciousness and actions to the ones that  are aligned with His. So, by literally asking Hashem what can be done to create this environment, we are inviting and allowing our consciousness to be shifted to Hashem’s ultimate version for us – the one that is for our highest and greatest good.  This is the question I ask the most often for myself and almost always feel an immediate shift and clearing of my head.

Try this right now. Say it 3x out loud with kavana and see what happens…

2.  Strengthen Keilim (Vessels)

“What can be done, or can I do, to have strengthened and expanded Keilim (Vessels) so that I can receive and permanently retain all of the brachas (blessings) being sent to me every day?”
Like a boat with holes in it, many of us are keilim (vessels) which are “leaky” and can’t hold all of the blessings coming down to us,, thereby missing great opportunities. Sometimes the problem is that the blessings “fall out” in an overflow since our “jar” isn’t big enough to contain them all. We need to expand and strengthen our keilim. This can be done in many ways – including Torah learning – but asking this question can accelerate the process.

3.  Brachas (Blessings) in your life

“What can be done, or can I do, so that I perpetually receive Hashem’s sweet revealed brachas in my life?
We all want and need brachas (blessings) in our lives. Here’s the secret: Hashem wants to bestow the brachas to us, but He wants us to ask for them because He wants us to be close to Him and to have  we have a direct relationship with Him. Asking the question above, with focus on love for Hakadosh Baruch Hu (G-d) for being the Source of our lives and blessings, will help open up the channels to bringing more revealed brachas into our lives.

4.  Will

“What can be done, or can I do, so that my will is the same as Hashem’s will for me?”
(that what I want for me is the same as what Hashem wants for me)

It is axiomatic that “we all want what we want” and we think we will be happy when we get it. Unfortunately, often what we want is not good for us, and often we don’t get it, which makes us unhappy. So how do we fix this?  By asking Hashem to change our will to His will. Then we actually get what we want and it is good for us.  For example, we all know we need to eat well and exercise to have a healthy body and mind.  But if you are a “couch potato” who hates exercising and ravishes junk food, then eating well and exercising is against your will and will be very challenging. However, if your will can be shifted to loving vegetables and that you can’t wait to “hit the gym,” then it is easy to achieve your goal of a more healthy lifestyle. By asking to align our will with Hashem’s will, we get what we want, it is the best possible solution for us, and we are happy. It’s a Win/Win/Win.

5. Clarity

“What can be done, or can I do, to manifest Clarity in my life?”
Many of us go back and forth like a seesaw about certain decisions in our lives because we are unsure about the right direction. The Talmud teaches, “There is no joy like the resolution of doubt,” so by asking this question, we open up more to receive Divine clarity into our lives.

6.  Happiness

“What can be done, or can I do, to bring about great and meaningful Happiness in my life?”
Who doesn’t want be happy? The key here is to ask that the happiness be meaningful, which means that it is L’Shem Shamayim (for the sake of heaven and aligned with Hashem’s will). Hashem wants us to be happy. In fact, being happy is one of the primary tenets of connecting to Hashem, as we are taught that those closest to Hashem, the Prophets, couldn’t receive their prophecy if they were unhappy.

7.  Block Removal

“What can be done, or can I do, to Remove all of the Blocks that are holding me back from reaching my G-d given potential and that are preventing the manifestation and realization of those brachas into the physical world?”
We each have a “safe deposit” box in Shamayim (Heaven) with our names on them which hold all of the brachas (blessings) that have been bestowed upon us. Too often these brachas get stuck there, energetically blocked from coming down because of limiting false beliefs or energy blockages in our subconscious. This prevents us from benefiting from these blessings and often frustrates us. Blocks that prevent the blessings from coming down can be beliefs or thoughts such as: “I’m not worthy to receive xxxxxx”, or “Receiving this abundance is unsafe,” or “Getting married will cause a certain problem.” By focusing on this question and the next one, we help unblock the flow of brachas into our lives.

8.  Manifesting into the Physical World

“What can be done, or can I do, so that the brachas coming down to me are fully manifested and realized in the physical world.”
As mentioned above, this is connected to the question about “Block Removal.” The above question focuses on the act of removing the negative (the blocks), while this question focuses on bringing in the positive energy and blessing fully into our physical reality.

So now that we have covered all eight, it’s time to try them out.


Please email me at ET@Abra-Ca-Dabra.org to let me know how they worked and if you have any suggestions.


Lots of brachas,

Chaim David Targan




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