Get what you want…Lesson from Spies

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Get what you want…Lesson from Spies

The Meraglim teach us one of the most powerful lessons we need. How to pray. How to get what you want.  But they taught us in the inverse – they taught us backwards.  I spend a lot of my time – as someone blessed with the gifts of Kabbalistic healing – as a shaliach for manifesting things – for making things happen that haven’t been happening so easily – such as manifesting more than 100+ shidduchim, helping people with parnassa, creating Shalom Bayit, and even raising companies millions in venture capital.

But as I was sitting down to write now on Erev Shabbat on my mirpesset (balcony) in Tzfat overlooking Meron what came in crystal clear is Do NOT complain and Do NOT worry. Complaints and Worry are ANTI- Manifestation. This is the secret of the spies in this week’s parsha. Complaints and worry kill the spiritual manifestation.  KLAL Yisrael had it all and we blew it by complaining and having lack of emunah.

Emunah adds fuel to the manifesting. Lack of Emunah throws water unto the fire that you spent so much time building. And complaining just stops the energy flow completely, and often sends it into reversal.

So if you want to argue with Hashem – make it a good argument. Make it a healthy argument. Make it a loving argument.  And argue on Hashem’s terms even if you are angry.   So how do we do that?   We argue with holy Chutzpah.  And here is a little secret.   Hashem loves it when we do this and He often grants our wishes — even if we are undeserving, as His love in unconditional

For example – If you want to get married and the right one hasn’t shown up, Ask Hashem “According to Your Torah, I need to halachically get married and have children (for a man), so I need your help since it is doesn’t seem to be happening.   Please open up the Gates, and also share with me what I need to do or change to make this happen.  Women  – who are not halachically obligated for marriage or children – can argue that “I came down here for the mission (among others) of helping my husband be married and bringing children into the world, so please hep me do my misision.  And if you can say this with true love of Hashem, we can even argue with greater chutzpah “And as of now, You have been preventing me from following Your Torah to do this mitzvah”

Remember, Hashem does NOT need us at all. But He does WANT us. And He wants a relationship with us.  So we need to argue within the loving relationship.   We know Gam Zeh L’Tova – This is also for good, as everything from Hashem is ultimately for the good if we could only understand the many layers of gilgulim, (past lifetimes / spiritual incarnations), tikkunim, (spiritual fixings) and the details of Hashem’s master plan, which even the greatest of the greatest Tzaddikim can not fully comprehend  But things are often not so sweet – which is “good” by our limited definition and understanding.  So crying out to Hashem “I love You, and I know You have  a good reason for this, but in this areas – our relationship is not working out. I am not arguing what I actually deserve – as only You know the full picture, but I know in our relationship, You want me to be happy,,, and I am I not happy…  I don’t know what to do… I need Your help.”

Time and time again, when I have had challenges, I have tried to choose not to complain or worry. This is a CHOICE. This is Bechira – free will.  We may feel angry, bitter, disappointed, begrudged, despondent, worried or in despair or feel like giving up – but we have a CHOICE not to do this, and can shift our consciousness easily –
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Instead, rather than complain or worry, I spoke and argued with Hashem – with holy Chutzpah  – with true loving chutzpah, and time after time, I literally saw the dynamics on the ground change – either physically, or in insights that would come down that shifted my tears to dancing with joy.
We are here to learn from our mistakes – individually and on a klal – communal level – and we are still trying to fix the sin of the spies after 3300+ years. This is one of the key ways to enable this to happen – and guess what, we end up being happy, and often seeing our greatest challenges become our sweetest brachas.

May Hashem bless you with the sweetest connection to Him and reveal to you the clearest and sweetest ways to manifest the brachas in your life

Chaim David Yosef Targan
Tzfat (Overlooking Meron)
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Sivan 22 5777    June  16, 2017


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