What Really Happened in Paris ……. from a Mystical Perspective

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What Really Happened in Paris …….    from a Mystical Perspective

paris1What Really Happened in Paris from a Mystical Perspective

I have to admit, this has been a hard article to write, and I’ve delayed writing it for almost a week.  But when “Heaven Calls”, one needs to get moving, or get writing, as the case may be.

Last Tuesday, I was at Har HaMenuchot, the massive and holy cemetery on the outskirts of Jerusalem where the four French Kedoshim / martyrs of the barbaric terrorist attack at the Kosher deli in Paris were about to be buried. It was a somber ceremony with thousands in attendance, including many recent olim (immigrants) from France, and many speakers from both Israel and France. As the funeral ended,  I started walking to the kever / grave of the Chida, a famous 18th Century Tzaddik, whose remains were moved from Italy to Har HaMenuchot Cemetery.  But as there were thousands of people preparing to leave, I moved forward slowly and ended up directly next to the procession as they carried one of the bodies to the grave. For those who are not familiar, Jerusalem, being the spiritual capital of the world, and as such  – G-d’s Palace – , has many unique customs. Among which, is that coffins are not used here. The body is wrapped in a shroud, covered by a Talit (prayer shawl), carried on a stretcher to the grave, which allows the quickest elevation of the soul. It brings death very real and up front.  And then as the mourners passed – mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers, wives and friends with tears streaming down their faces, tears rolled down my face as well. And the entire seen brough intense pain to me and to all those around me.


After crying out to Hashem in silent screams and prayers, I slowly made my way to the grave of the Chida.  For those reading one of my articles for the first time, it is important to understand  – and very humbling to write this – that I have been privileged to be blessed with very powerful intuitive gifts in the merit of my ancestors, among whom I have been told are from some of the greatest Spanish kabbalists – and that I work intuitively with thousands around the world. So when visiting the graves of  tzaddikim (holy sages) I often walk away with powerful messages that are not always easy to transmit. As I approached the Chida I clearly heard the following as I “saw” the 4 martyrs dancing in heaven with other tzaddikim.


“Tell the world, that we volunteered for this holy work and that while we didn’t seem connected on Earth, we four were partners in Shamayim (heaven) in a mission to help bring achdut (unity) to Klal Yisrael (the people of Israel).  Like many before us, our role was not random but was predetermined by Hashem with us as willing volunteers. In a past life we were scholars who squabbled a lot and caused mahloket, (disagreements), so we came now not just to fix this on a personal level, but more importantly to have the honor and privilege of moving Klal Yisrael closer to the Geula (The Final Redemption).


The world, and especially France and Europe have been sleeping. The terrors of the past were happening again and again and people were still going on about their daily lives. This is not what Hashem wants. HE WANTS UNITY for Klal Yisrael. He wants His people to come home for the final time. He wants to bring love and kindness back into the world, but we need to connect to Him. If we were awake we wouldn’t need wake up calls. Let the world know we are fine and that the Achdut (unity) created by us and our holy partners moved the Geula / Redemption much closer.   Not only did people’s consciousness start shifting but their reality did as well. The world is being divided into two camps – into a world of Good and Evil  – and people need to choose which side they are on.

But many who think they are on the humanistic side think they are on the right side but they are only fooling themselves. 
They are on the G-dless side and represent the arrogance of Rome and Edom (The descendants of Eisav). Unfortunately this is most of Europe. But many others nonetheless will be enlightened and will stand up for G-d and Klal Yisrael.  Of course there are already many righteous Christians, but there will also be a number of enlightened Muslims as well. And numerous people from the East will join the side of kedusha (holiness) as well.  It has already started in a small way but is about to take off.



As human beings, we are rarely privy to where we fit into the larger picture of the universe, and all our hardships are challenging. But loss through senseless violence and hate is indescribably difficult to process. The message channeled through the Chida about the four kedoshim, whose neshamot (souls) made a holy pact to enter this world prepared to sacrifice and suffer, to bring klal Yisroel to unity and enlighten the world on the plight of Jews in Europe today is awe inspiring,  and how we respond will give meaning and comfort to an unfathomable act of brutality and inhumanity. I hope that sharing the message will only bring comfort to the families suffering greatly and inspire others to follow their unique mission on earth.


So how do we live with these 2 simultaneous realities?

I know and live with “Gam Zeh L’Tova” – An expression which means ‘This is also for good.” It means that since everything is from G-d, it is ultimately good and it is just our limited understanding of reality which prevents us from seeing this.  It also means looking at things as an opportunity for good to come from it, and that we have to use everything for coming closer to Hashem and seeing life’s occurrences as opportunities. I live with this everyday and I teach it to thousands around the world.  And intuitively I am often privileged to actually see the reasons behind things.


GAM ZEH L’TOVA is no longer good enough
It is time we crash through the “Heavens” and shout we want Gam Zeh Metuka (This is also SWEET). Hashem in infinite and unlimited. We humans cannot comprehend this.  Gam zeh L’Tova means this is also for good since we can’t see the full picture.   SWEETNESS, however,  is that it is great on our level – B’derech Hateva  – by what we experience through the physical laws of nature.  Sweetness means that we are happy the way something happened.  In truth things can happen multiple ways… the hard way or the easy way; the harsh and bitter way or the sweet and joyous way.
HASHEM – We choose the sweet way, the kind way, the way of revealed brachas, the way of connecting to you through light, not through darkness.
We are asking for an agreement of sorts.  We are going to do our best, as imperfect as that is and we ask that You, in kind, shower us with the sweet way.  All of our generation, knowingly or unknowingly came here to fix the world, to bring the Geula sweetly, to bring down the revealed brachas  (blessings) as we are already in the “End of Days” as we have already passed the line into the actual Geula process.


Let’s all shout out to Hashem to bring things the sweet way and through this to enlighten the world and to bring the Geula in the sweetest way possible.


HaMakom yenachem et’chem b’toch shar avay’lay Tzion vee’Yerushalayim” (“May the Omnipresent comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem”). I pray that this message is received to those struggling as a comfort amidst this very fresh pain.


Chaim David
Jan 18, 2015        27 Tevet 5775

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