Letter from Momma Rachel on the Geula (on her Yahrzeit)

Oct 19, 2018 by

Letter from Momma Rachel on the Geula (on her Yahrzeit)

kever rachelA Letter from Momma Rachel on the Geula (on her Yahrzeit)

Birshut Rabotai


Erev Shabbat Oct 19, 2019  – 10 Cheshvan 5779)
The following piece was brought down On Oct 25, 2015 during Rachel Immeinu’s Yahrzeit – but the words that came down in a meditative state are even more prescient today than they were a few years ago.  The Male / Female dynamic worldwide has turned crazy in an unhealthy way, so now, at the time of the onset of the Geula (The Hebrew word for the Final Redemption / End of Days) , we need to work even harder to understand what is happening, that all is hafuch (upside down) before the Geula, and that we need to star shifting things ourselves or they will be shifted from Shamayim in a much less comfortable way.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE from the Yahrzeit in 2015

(Any bold in paragraphs has been added today on Oct 19, 2018 – 10 Cheshvan 5799

My Sweetest Children,

Listen carefully. Things are not what they appear to be at all in the world. Everything is Hafuch (upside down). In shamayim (heaven) things are looking wonderful. The more it seems crazier down below that much closer we are to finally bringing the Geula (Final Redemption).

The world needs to switch to this consciousness – and to see with Moshiach (Messianic) eyes what is happening. Be fearless as Hashem (G-d) in running everything. Those killed recently in the horrible attacks were tzaddikim who volunteered for this work – to wake up Klal Yisrael (Nation of Israel) and those injured are causing a great sweet stir in Shamayim from all the tefillot (Prayer) and tehillim (psalms) being sent. And the achdut (unity) being created had been so sweet.  (Referring to the horrible terrorist attacks against Jews in France and elsewhere in Europe at the time)    See  Article  “What Really Happening in Paris”

We all need to learn to act this way – to cry out to Hashem in love, to love each other with sweet achdut. to honestly care about one another.  We are so close to breaking through.  Much has been done in Shamayim and by Tzaddikim (righteous saintly persons) to lessen the pain and to stop what was supposed to happen but when people are still sleeping, there needs to be wake up calls. I would rather the wakeup call be a sweet mother’s kiss but sometimes people just don’t wake up.

Help the world wake up. Tell them they are missing the point.  Many of our religious leaders are not doing their jobs properly and are more concerned with their own well being and situation than that of their followers or klal yisrael.  New leaders will start to emerge now – right now – and the old guard will start to step aside.  Leaders need to emerge – especially in the religious community – who are on Hashem’s “side” not their own sides for political or economic gain. Time is short. They must move aside peacefully or they will be removed from Shamayim.

The new guard of Tzaddikim is about to emerge and they won’t look like the leaders you expect. They won’t have the family dynasty names you are accustomed to from the generations. Most you have never heard of previously. Most are Baalei Teshuva who did not grow up religious, and some like Onkelos or Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Meir were either Gerei Tzedek (righteous converts) or came from them. And many of the leaders today will be women. Just like the first Geula from Mitzrayim (Egypt) this final Geula will also be in the merit of the righteous women. But today – they will be playing a much bigger role in the leadership especially as the Geula is about switching to more of the Divine Feminine energy.  The Shechina (Divine Presence) is starting to shine much more greatly on all levels and with that is the emergence of the holy feminine energy transforming the more aggressive male energy – in both men and women.

But men – don’t fear this new “order”. Embrace it, cherish it as it will open up in each one of you an even higher G-dly spark than you knew you ever had.  And as leadership goes, we all want those who are truly connected to Hashem. And Moshiach will be one who not only brings emunah (faith) and achdut (unity) to the world,  but who has perfected the balance of his male and female energies. He will also be someone most so far have never heard of, but will contain the energy of one everybody has heard of.

So on my Yahrzeit/ Hilula (Anniversary of Passing to the higher worlds) – please my children – Love each other – no matter what the other person looks like or how he or she is dressed.  Care for each other and embrace one another – Don’t judge one another as who among us can really approach his Maker guilt free. Don’t judge – Embrace. Share your Torah and Your Shabbats  (Sabbaths) with those who might know or observe less. Do you really truly know in Shamayim who is higher? Perhaps that person ignorant of Torah and mitzvahs (good deeds) is a tzaddik who volunteered to come into the world to teach you a lesson. Be Kind – Do you really know what someone else is going through? Bless everyone you see, whether they can hear you or not. Hashem hears you.

And Love Hashem – He wants our love more than we can every comprehend. He doesn’t need us for anything and unlike angels, we have bechira (free choice), so are much more difficult. He created us to love us – and He rightfully wants to be loved in return. Remember we are created in Hashem’s image – so just as we want love, so does Hashem.

So let’s not just ask Hashem for things we need and we want. Ask what can you do for Hashem. Ask what can you do for Klal Yisrael and for the world, as the Geula is for the whole world – with Klal Yisrael as Hashem’s Shaliach (messenger / channel). And let’s ask how we can love Hashem even more.

With love from your mother,

Chaim David
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  1. Rivkah Lambert Adler

    I love this so much. Thank you for the chizuk.

  2. Tzippy

    Did someone write this letter on Mama Rachel’s behalf? Or is it real, like she appeared and told someone to write what she is saying.

    Todah Raba.

  3. In My Very Humble Opinion

    So interesting. Women leading . Non Rabbis leading. Rabbis are emersed in self interest. Don’t judge your fellow Jew by his looks or dress. People who will help the world will not all be rich. They will not be the most educated, nor will they be attractive all the time. As long as someone has agenda, greed, lack of humility and other nonsensical junk, he/she cannot lead. I could have told you this when I was 30 years old, more than 15 years ago. But who would listen. I have an ordinary degree, married an ordinary man, has an ordinary personality and ordinary looks sometimes. By being almost plain I lacked agenda. For more than 45 years, just being real, with no money or other agenda.

  4. bracha

    But Moshiach ben Dovid will have to be a descendant of Dovid HaMelech.
    Doesn’t matter as far as regular leaders are concerned, but it must be emphasized that the Moshiach (Ben Dovid) must be of the malchut. There might be those who don’t realize this!

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