Pesach, Blood Moons & The Geula

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Pesach, Blood Moons & The Geula


Things may seem crazy in the world – and are “on schedule” for getting much much crazier starting this Pesach (Passover)… but let me let you in on a little mystical secret  – Hashem runs the world and it happening exactly as planned.

Well sort of…

And what is happening is the hidden process of actually sweetening the process of bringing the Geula  – the Final Redemption. There is so much to write on this topic – but as time is short, permit me to explain things simply and more details will be explained later.


In the simplest sense, the more Divine Light that returns to the world from the Light that was hidden at Creation, the sweeter the process of the Geula (or Redemption).  For more details – see “Why The World is So Crazy. This Pesach – we are at the 3rd of the 4 blood moons  – or lunar eclipses  – that are happening on Jewish Holidays – Pesach and Sukkot 2014 and now Pesach and Sukkot 2015. Each eclipse brings in a new massive flow of Divine light, which is sweetening the process of the Geula – and is simultaneously creating more apparent chaos in the world from those against Klal Yisrael – who do not have the kelim (or vessels) to hold this new influx of Divine Light.  If you look back at recent history, you will see clearly that the turning point  to a new craziness in the world was Pesach 2014 – creating higher levels of  irrationality in the world, many new wars and political realignments, and anti-semitism at levels not seen since the Holocaust.

So in effect – the crazier things appear to be – the actually better they are on a real deeper level.

But let me share with you another secret.  What happened so far was supposed to be much much worse. The prayers and work of many (including many Tzaddikim / righteous leaders) helped dramatically lessen the negative impact. Much has been written by other kabbalists and mystics recently about the upcoming troubles after the 3rd Eclipse or Blood Moon. And they are correct. Tremendous challenges are “scheduled” to happen. But reality happens on different levels.  Hashem really wants us to bring things sweetly – so that means we have the power to actually change things



Throughout history, Jews have been taught the axiom “Gam Zeh L’Tova”, an expression which means ‘This is also for good.” It means that since everything is from G-d, it is ultimately good  – even when it painful — and it is just our limited understanding of reality which prevents us from seeing this.

THIS PESACH, The Gates are wide open. So let’s shout out to Heaven GAM ZEH L’TOVA is no longer good enough. It is time we crash through the “Heavens” and shout we want Gam Zeh Metuka – This is also SWEET –  Hashem in infinite and unlimited. We humans cannot comprehend this.  Gam zeh L’Tova means this is also for good since we can’t see the full picture.   Gam Zeh Meuka,  – SWEETNESS – however, is that it is great on our level – B’derech Hateva  – by what we experience through the physical laws of nature.  Sweetness means that we are happy the way something happened.  In truth things can happen multiple ways… the hard way or the easy way; the harsh and bitter way or the sweet and joyous way

And here is secret #2 – Hashem wants things to happen in the sweestest way possible. Many great Kabbalists – such as Rav Kaduri  – had expected Moshiach (the Messiah) to arrive a number of years ago. So what happened?  As Klal Yisrael determines how sweet the process of bringing the Geula will be, Hashem – out of Rachamim (compassion) – delayed the Geula to enable Klal Yisrael to bring more light in to the world over time – therefore enabling the Geula to happen the sweet way rather than in a more painful way.


Hashem’s energy is all love. He wants a relationship with us. He doesn’t want rote practice.   He wants us to cry out to him to sweeten things. So let’s cry out this Pesach We Want “Gam Zeh Metuka”. We are getting these wake up calls only because we are sleeping. We wouldn’t need wake up calls if we were awake. Pesach has the ultimate power of transformation. So let’s all maximize this incredible energy by commiting to shifting our relationship with Hashem.  For those of you who are already shomer mitzvot – understand that the greatest tikkun for  (spiritual fixing) for the religious world is lack of spirituality.   So let’s all connect to the meaning of the Mitzvahs. connect to Hashem, start our relationships – Have real emunah  (faith)– and focus on Achdut (unity). We had 12 Tribes, each with a different minchag that all got along. Likewise each great Tzaddik is the spiritual head of a line in the Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) who is here to help us on certain paths. So we are supposed to have different paths (within Torah). So let’s honor and celebrate this.

I heard a disheartening but often true comment when I was on a speaking trip back to the US last year. “The greatest aveirah  (sin) in the Frum world is nonconformity” As Reb Shlomo had said “Do you think this is the world Hashem dreamed of when He was creating it” Let’s all together make Hashem’s dreams a reality.    To those of you less traditional and non-observant, please open your hearts and minds to understand that G-d gave us the Torah and Mitzvahs for us. Kabbalistically each Mitzvah we do changes our life completely and shifts you and the world to a more positive reality. So this Pesach, think about taking on a new Mitzvah… It will really change your life. And if you are a righteous Gentile reading this, you have a critical and holy role to play as well. As the world divides into two camps of good and evil – you need to stand up and be counted for G-dliness in the world. Be a leader. Support Israel against the evil hypocrisy of the world… and tremendous blessings will be received.

And as the world gets crazier – let’s all have emunah – true faith in Hashem and Cry out to our Father in Heaven – Gam Zeh Metuka”. Please bring things sweetly,


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Brachas for a Sweet, Redemptive, and Transformative Pesach

Chaim David Targan
Erev Pesch 5775 /  (2015)

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