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Geula – an Idea whose Time Has Come

Victor Hugo’s famous line “Nothing is more powerful than an idea, whose time has come”, can be seen as a prophetic statement in much of the world’s history.   But the idea for our generation  — The Geula  or Final Redemption or Messianic era – is the most powerful in the history of humanity,  and indeed the goal of history itself.   To some, the Geula seems like a far fetched idea, or even foolishness to others.    But, in fact the opposite is true.  The greatest sages in history have written profusely about it – from the mysterious Book of Daniel to the mystical Zohar of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai, to the codification of the RAMBAM (Maimonedes) to the works of RAMBAN, the great mystic in midevil Spain, to the teachings of the holy Arizal, the great kabbalist, to the the Baal Shem Tov, founder of Chassidism,   the Ohr HaHayim, the RAMCHAL, the Vilna Gaon to Rebbe Nachman and to the Lubavitcher Rebbe of recent times.

And every great Tzaddik today, and every mystic and kabbalist today of all backgrounds are in universal agreement that the Geula is upon us. The only question is whether it will be revealed  d’ita – in its time – which is the very painful way of the prophets or d’Acheshena,  or the hastened way – aka – the sweeter way –because it has been earned.


Our Generation’s Mission is to bring the Geula  sweetly

To the 20,000+ of you who have participated in our free worldwide monthly Kabbalistic healing calls, our private groups or joined me on one of the speaking tours, you have heard me share many thoughts  and articles on the Geula and you know that I have been on a holy mission to do this for the past decade.  To those who have not, please explore to learn a bit about what is happening.

There are a number organizations  that have been formed – mainly on smaller scales to try to help shift things.  Many have done some really great work, but in truth, we are still failing in the mission.  Often we have been preaching to the choir, or haven’t had the resources or strategies to really shift things on a large scale. There are approx 14 million Jews in the world   – who are the primary catalysts to bring the Geula – and approximately 7.6 Billion people on this planet, who also have a critical role and need to be enlightened to play it.  And the sad truth is that very few people have any idea of even the basis concepts of Geula … and it is happening right in front of all our eyes.

The time has come to really shift things, to create an aggressive strategy to do nothing less than shift the consciousness of the world to Geula Consciousness, to Moshiach (Messiah) Consciousness , so that we start to see everything around us through the lens of what is happening.


Why The Geula Foundation was Created

With this in mind, The Geula Foundation was formally started a few months ago, and we are now setting up the initial infrastructure. For those who know my unusual background, I was originally a Wharton finance guy and serial entrepreneur turned Kabbalistic Healer and mystic (initially against my will  – in the zechut or merit of my ancient Kabbalistic ancestors) In one of my internet businesses, I had reached tens of millions of people – when the internet was still a tiny fraction of its current size.  Now Hashem wants us to use similar strategies to reach billions but for Kedusha (holy purposes) for holy purposes.


Your Energy & Involvement Creates Success

To move forward with a project of this scale, we need energy.  Energy has many forms.  Money is only energy, as is involvement.   We are asking everyone who reads this to commit to be involved to some degree, as the more people committed energetically, the greater power we have for achieving our mission.  We are asking you all to be FOUNDING PARTNERS with us of the organization that b’ezrat Hashem will  do nothing less than change both the physical and spiritual landscape on this planet.  Big ideas require big energy, so if you are blessed to be in a position to help in a very big way, please realize that the only reason we have wealth is that Hashem trusts us to be a shaliach with HIS money.   And more than anything else, this is what Hashem wants for us to do in this generation.  Even more than we want to bring the Geula sweetly, Hashem wants to bring it to us sweetly.  See more of this at Hashem’s Upcoming Wake Up Calls.

If you are a student, or in a very limited state, please join us as a founding partner as well at whatever level works for you  — even $18.   And for most of us, who are likely in the middle. Please be a Founding Partner as well.  This is a chance to be part of eternity.


To Be Involved actively with The Geula Foundation,  please email us here at and tell us a bit about yourself, what you are passionate about, and please share with us what gifts Hashem gave you that could help.


If you have SUGGESTIONS or IDEAS, we would love to hear from you as well.
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