Why The World is So Crazy

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Why The World is So Crazy

rosh-chodeshWhy The World is So Crazy…

A Kabbalistic Understanding of Hashem’s hidden blessings

July 31, 2014



As many are noticing, the world is getting crazier and crazier, faster and faster. This may sound strange to most of you, but on a mystical level, what is happening continues to be a tremendous Divine blessing all designed to bring the Geula – The Final Redemption – in the sweetest way possible. Allow me to explain further.

The G-dly Light of Creation is coming back in the world, in order to bring the Geula
In order to understand what is really going, let’s first discuss  some very deep kabbalistic concepts.  At the highest level mystically, there is nothing but Hashem (the Hebrew word for G-d). At this level, there is nothing but Hashem,  so how can anything else exist?  According to the Arizal, the pre-eminent 16th century kabbalist, Hashem contracted His unlimited and all powerful light (the euphemism for Divine energy) to actually make room for creation to exist. Think of it this way. G-d’s light is infinite and so intense that it was impossible for anything else to exist.  Could we as humans exist in a 10,000 degree oven? The light was too intense, so Hashem contracted His light to enable creation to exist.   The Geula is all about this G-dly light coming back into the world.

Handling This G-dly Light
Most of us would think that more G-dly light in the world is a great thing. Correct? The answer is ‘It depends’.  It all depends on who you are.  The key to this is that we need to have kelim – vessels – to hold the light.  So for those who have the expanded and strengthened kelim, or vessels, to hold the increased light, the more G-dly light that there is, the more brachas  – or blessings – come to them as they bask in the glow. But, for those who kelim are limited, too much light creates havoc. Think of it this way. If you have a regular drinking glass and try catching the water at Niagara Falls, It will shatter the glass or the vessel.  If you have a large gorge catching the water, you will create a beautiful lake.  Or, to put it another way, if you take your 110 Volt American hairdryer or electric razor to Europe and plug it in to a 220 Volt outlet, what happens?  It will blow it up – as has happened to many of us unwary tourists — as it can’t handle the extra voltage.

The Concept of The Geula / Moshiach – Redemption and The Messiah
Let’s take a slight detour to discuss the process of the Moshiach (Messiah).  We are taught there are two basic ways of Moshiach or the Geula (Final Redemption) coming. The first way is called in Hebrew d’ita – meaning “in its time”. This version is that it is happening ‘in its time’ because G-d promised us that He would bring the Final Redemption by a certain period, regardless of our merit. This is the way of the prophets with all of the horrors, trials and tribulations. The second way Moshiach can come is called d’Achishena – In a hastened way – meaning instantly and sweetly based upon our having earned it through righteous behavior. The Vilna Gaon – a great 18th century scholar and Kabbalist, realized we missed the actual “cut-off date” for us to earn the sweet version of d’Achishena, and was horribly distraught that the only other option was the very painful way of d’Ita. It then came to him, quoting a haftorah of Isaiah, that there was actually a third way Moshiach could come – which is a hybrid version called d’ita Achishena – meaning in its time it will be hastened. The details of this are worthy of another long piece, but the essence is that in this 3rd way, we play the critical role in determining how sweet the coming of Moshiach will be.    

In fact, many of us have been bewildered that Moshiach hasn’t arrived yet, as so many mystical signs seem aligned. The reason for Moshiach’s delay is Hashem’s Rachamim – His incredible compassion – that He is giving us more time so we can SWEETEN the process even more.


In effect, the more light we bring in the world, the sweeter the process of the Geula will be.  Divine light comes into the world from several sources – above, divinely initiated  – and from below – humanly initiated.   The light generation from “Above” is based on both the time of history we are in, and from our own human actions. As many of you know, there is an unprecedented situation of four eclipses happening on four of the first day of four major Chaggim – Holidays – Pesach (Passover)  2014, Sukkot 2014, Pesach 2015 and Sukkot 2015. These days reflect inflection points of new G-dly energy coming into the world. In fact, this increase in Divine energy has been happening for a while, but has increased radically since this past Pesach.

From the human side, historically more light comes down into the world primarily from learning TorahMitzvah (Good Deeds/Law Adherance) observance, Tefila (prayer), and Achdut (Unity). In fact, many challenging times have happened, including some tragedies – because they created tremendous unity through prayer of Klal Yisrael. When millions of people, of all backgrounds, of all aspects of religious and secular, are all praying for the same thing, as recently happened with the three holy boys who were kidnapped and martyred, it creates a cosmic shift of G-dly light coming into the world, bringing G-d Consciousness and Moshiach consciousness to whole new levels. While we usually aren’t privy to the detailed will of G-d, often these holy souls volunteer on a soul level for these jobs to help Klal Yisrael move forward.

Today, as we are at the very tail end of Ikvesia d”Machiach – the last stage before the actual arrival of Moshiach – there are also many other ways that Hashem has brought into the world to allow us to “leapfrog” the process by bringing in spectacular amounts of light into the World.  I am writing this article as I am privileged to be intimately involved with this process, as a shaliach (a channel) for opening up thousands of people’s kelim to hold order of magnitudes of increased Divine light, as a method of retaining the Divine light in the world to sweeten and hasten the Geula. It would be my privilege to have you all join me for monthly free Kabbalistic energy healing calls to have your kelim – vessels – expanded greatly and to help play your part in the Geula  – as the more people involved, the more light is brought into the world.


SO Why is the World So Crazy
Now, let’s tie all the pieces together. Every day now, there is more Divine light coming into the world – from above and from below to sweeten the Geula. Those nations – such as Israel – which are meritorious, have the strengthened and expanded kelim – or vessels – to hold this great new light coming in. Israel has been basking in the increased light, booming on all levels, economically, in Torah, and as the source for bringing so much life-saving and life enhancing technology to the world. However, Israel’s neighbors, by comparison – Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, the Palestinians, etc – do not have the kelim or vessels to hold the increased light, and have been degenerating to increasing levels of anarchy, chaos, and barbarism. This craziness is not limited to the Arab world. Europe and Russia are imploding as well, while the US, on a much higher level mystically than Europe, has also been acting very irrationally and foolishly, causing negative chain reactions around the world. And of course there are holy and righteous people throughout the world, of various backgrounds, who have the vessels to hold this increased light.  So here is the essence of why The World is so crazy:  The more apparently dangerous and crazy things appear to be, the actually safer we are and the sweeter we are bringing the Geula.  The emphasis is on apparent, since it is not a real or at least a major threat.

On a higher level, this is all a façade to help us connect to Hashem more through Emunah (Faith), as the increased light is sweetening the Geula process.

To understand emunah, let’s look at the history of Israel. In 1948, there were seven national Arab armies against a newly formed, ill equipped fledgling country. We were scared of being annihilated and Hashem saved us, and the new State of Israel. In 1967, we were terrified again of being wiped out, and in six miraculous days, our world was turned from upside sound to right-side up. In 1973, despite a fearful surprise Yom Kippur attack, Hashem came again to the rescue. And during the Gulf War, not a single scud missile from Iraq hit anyone in Israel. There was great fear, and yes there were casualties, but at the end, the overwhelming theme was Hashem repeatedly and gloriously coming to the rescue in miraculous ways. These days, during the Gaza war, with thousands of missiles being lobbed into Israel, Hashem continues to be the Magen Avraham – the Shield of Abraham – protecting us day and night.

We are privileged to be here for the “Final Show”
Have no fear.  Be Happy. Hashem is with us every moment and guiding us directly.  While things are seemingly going to get worse on a revealed level, they are actually getting better and sweeter on the hidden level.   We won’t be starting World War III, we will be creating the energy to avoid it, but it won’t seem that way to the outside world.  Keep the focus on the positive. Hashem wants us to bring the Geula through happiness, by serving Him with joy, emunah and Bitachon (Certainty of Hashem’s involvement)

Let’s each one of us serve as a beacon of emunah to others around us. And emunah is not irrational. From the perspective of the history of the Jewish people, lack of emunah is irrational. So whatever our backgrounds are – as Hashem loves all of us – let’s commit to a plan of action – of  v’ahavta R’echa Kamoacha – Of loving one’s fellow, of doing acts of kindness, of increased Mitzvahs, of Achdut (Unity), of increased Torah, and of learning about the Geula.  We need to laugh and be happy and truly joyous, knowing that this is all Hashem’s play and He already showed us the script of the ending.

Shabbat Shalom from Tzfat
(At the Yahrzeit of the Ari HaKadosh)
Chaim David Targan


  1. thank you and have a good pesach.. the question always is for me, is why does a compassionate G-d, let so many be sacrficied during this geulah process .. why are women raped, abducted and tortured everyday around the globe… what difference if they are born Moslem, Hindi, Black… surely, these acts of violence against the feminine can’t be considered a step in the process of world wide healing?

    My father used to say that men give the prayer, of thanks for being born a man, not because of sexism, but because women have much harder life jobs to accomplish. Why do answers like this seem like a way of rationalizing?

    Just my thoughts as I read your piece.
    Again, happy pesach and I’m making up this joke instantly: What did the Titanic say to the Matzoh Ball? Don’t sink!

    love to all in your house,

  2. Sara Adler Milver


    Shalom uBraja.
    I am from Mexico City. I knew this page from “Tomer Devorah”, another fantastic blog that writes about all the situation in Israel and the World concerned about the Gueula.
    Chaim David Targan is a Rab from Tzfat?
    It is the second articule that I read and I so really like it very much (my writen English is bad but I understand better when I read).
    Beezrat Hashem I hope the Gueula will come sweet to all Am Israel and its very nice to meet ha Rav.

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