Mystical Reason for Iran Deal

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Mystical Reason for Iran Deal

The Mystical Truth Behind the Iran Deal

Welcome to the world upstairs, where truth prevails  and all is revealed. 
In order to fully understand the head scratching, inexplicable Iranian Deal – where the most powerful nations of the world – especially the US, under former President Obama – effectively released to Iran $100Billion in blocked assets – and deliberately covered their eyes to the Iranian regime of terror’s lies to give Iran a clear direct path with permission to develop nuclear weapons, we can only look at the mystical reasons for the answer.

To understand the high level first, everybody great and everyone evil is being sent back for Hashem’s final show – as we march unstoppable to the Geula – the Final Redemption. The challenge is that most of the evil personalities are public figures – often heads of state, while the righteous leaders of the Geula are for the most part hidden – at least for now.  In fact, we are already in the Geula – but what I call the “Concealed part of the Geula –  and of course, we need to passionately pray and do everything possible to bring the “Revealed Geula”– and in the sweetest way possible.

Hashem saved the time before the Geula for the final disgrace and punishment of the tormentors of Israel and of the Jewish People from throughout the ages.  Let’s take Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian Emperor who not only destroyed the first Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple) in Jerusalem, but did so with great evil joy. In recent times, Hashem (How Jews pronounce the unpronounceable Divine name of G-d) sent him back to be the leader of modern day Babylonia – called Iraq – as Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi Dictator whose capital of Bagdad is as  just 125km upstream the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers from Nebuchadnezzar’s ancient capital of Babylon.  And Saddam Hussein knew this as well, as his whole life was focused on trying to rebuild the grandeur of Babylonia, so much so, that he was obsessed with rebuilding the ancient palace of Nebuchadnezzar.  And at the end, he was dismissed in utter disgrace by the American military who hunted him down like a rat, captured in a foxhole – and then executed by hanging in the country he tried to make his empire.   And can you imagine his further disgrace, when from his place in the other world, he was shown the Chabad Sukkah in his palace on Sukkot (Feast of the Tabernacles).

For the Iran deal, we need to jump both backwards and forwards to the evil players in history.   The evil among the evil is Amalek.  Their hatred – brought out in the Torah – is an irrational hatred of G-d, of G-dliness, of morality and of the Jewish People, whose mission was and is to bring G-dliness to the world, and to rectify the world back to the state that Hashem had intended at creation.  And this fixing is not only for the Jewish people, but for all the righteous people of the world.

Amalek reared its ugly head – attacking the weakest, the stragglers –  when Klal Yisrael  (The People of Israel) was leaving Egypt.  Amalek showed up repeatedly from the time of King Saul, to very prominently in the time of the Persian Empire, whose viceroy Haman, tried to completely irradiate the Jewish people – only to be miraculously saved  – as detailed in the Megilla we read at the Purim Festival.   Fast forward to Nazi regime of the 1930-40s and we see the irrational hatred again of Amalek who were obsessed with destroying the Jewish people and its moral teachings.  In fact – in a well known and documented mystical understanding of the secrets in the Megilla– Haman and his ten sons were reincarnated (of sorts through the Kabbalistic process of gilgul) as Hitler and his ten top advisors – all of whom were hung at the Nuremberg trials, which had been foreshadowed by a mystical request from Queen Esther in the Megilla.

So how does this play in today. The Amalekites  – people of Amalek – came from one person named Amalek – who was the grandson of Eisav – through his son Eliphaz and his concubine Timna, who had been obsessed to marrying into the family of Abraham. Timna was rejected by Jacob from marrying into the holy side of the family, and scorned and dejected, she married into Eisav’s family instead.  She then brought her irrational hatred and scorn for Jacob and his descendants – the Jews – into her son Amalek.

When we deal in a very simplistic level with gilgulim –  transmigration of the souls – a form of what is commonly called reincarnation – one can be a gilgul (incarnated soul) from a source soul or from a later soul that had come from that source soul.  So in this case, Haman in the Purim Story was a gilgul of Amalek.  And Hitler was a gilgul of Haman  -but at a deeper level – this soul was from the soul source of Amalek.


In today’s world, the gilgul of Amalek was placed in the body of Barack Hussein Obama – whose gematria equals Amalek and Ishmael combined. To some he may be charming,  but internally, he is pure evil.

Now the Gilgul of Haman, the antagonist of the Purim drama – is placed right where we left him off few thousand years ago – in ancient Persia which is modern day Iran.

Who is Haman today?
I will give you a big hint – HAMAN is in his name – the current ruler of Iran – the Ayatollah HA-MA-eNi.   And to further the connection, the ten sons of Haman, who came back as the ten top Nazis are back again for their final show – and their ultimate demise – as the top ten advisors of the regime.

So why was the Iran Deal so head scratching inexplicableimpossible to explain on a rational basis – as it was a complete “giveaway”?

The answer is only one that could come from Shamayim (Heaven)
It is because the main parties negotiating  – Obama and the Ayatollah  – are from the same soul.  They were NOT negotiating against each other.  They were and are on the same side – but pretended to be antagonists.

And the other defenders of the Agreement, the Europeans, are al from Eisav.  And not only is Eisav’s primary energy deception, it is specifically sanctimoniousness or deceitfully self righteous – pretending to be the righteous one by accusing others, all-the-while acting in a self-aggrandizing reprehensible manner. This has been the way of the Romans and later those that became of the broken Roman Empire – essentially Europe today.  So not only are the descendants of Eisav defending Amalek – an offshoot of their family, but their holier-than-thou attitude was and is only a cover up to get their pieces of the $100 Billion of Iran’s released frozen assets. In fact, before the deal was even originally closed, many European ministers had visited Teheran to discuss deals when the money would be released.

And as a reminder from our previous article, “Hashem’s Upcoming Wake Up Call”, all of these external challenges are ONLY here to wake us up.  If we – Klal Yisrael – were truly awake, none of this would need to happen.  Nonetheless, Israel is still the safest place in the world, even if Hashem makes it seem otherwise, as He wants us to have real emunah and bitachon (Faith and trust) in Him, wants us to focus on Achdut (Unity), and wants us to be living in Geula Consciousness, to see everything with the lens of the Geula.
Let’s NOT Disappoint Him


Chaim David Yosef Targan
Erev Lag B’Omer 5778
May 2, 2018





  1. Daloi Galus

    And Trump is the embodiment of Esav/Edom who has come to undo all the wrongs that Edom has done to the Jews over thousands of years. We are literally in the final days of Golus. All the promises are coming true right before eyes!! Only the blind can’t see. Moshiach’s revelation becomes more obvious every day and mountains of klipos are falling everywhere! It’s time to open our eyes. Listen to Rabbi Reuven Wolf. As far as I can tell he’s the only one saying it so clear.

  2. baruch

    I understood that Timan was a Canaanite, so how would she have been even a potential mate for Yaakov Avinu? All our Patriarchs and Matriarchs are of the same family as Avraham Avinu & Sarah Imeinu from Shem, not c’v, Canaan.

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