The Connection Between the Shoah & Geula

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The Connection Between the Shoah & Geula


On Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day  – our thoughts turn to the past, to the unfathomable horrors brought upon Klal Yisrael – The Jewish People – for no other reason than their being the holy children of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov.

My intent is not to try to explain the reason for the Shoah  (Holocaust) in detail, as many great Tzaddikim (Righteous leaders) of the previous generation have said the full reason is unknowable.   But as we have already entered into Yemot HaMashiach  (The Days of Moshiach / Messiah and the Geula / Redemption) only 70 years after the Shoah, we need to see the connection  between the Shoah & the Geula. And in this way, we will be honoring the 6 million martyrs in the most important way possible – by fulfilling the mission that they gave their lives for – to bring the Geula in the sweetest way possible.

In Kabbalistic language, we have ongoing tikkunim – fixings – from one gilgul (incarnation or transmigration of the soul) to another.  On a soul level, we have all been here many times, for different missions, and for different tikkunim.  These tikkunim are on both a personal level – such as fixing a bad mida or character trait such as anger – and fixings on a more global level – such as fixing mistakes from the time of Adam HaRishon (Adam & Eve) to fixing the mistakes Klal Yisrael did to cause the Hurban or destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (The Holy Temple) in Jerusalem.

So in the simplest sense – without attempting to explain Hashem’s unfathomable ways, and without G-d forbid lessening this tragedy of epic proportion, the martyrdom was part of the process of fixing what Klal Yisrael needed to fix to bring the Geula.

We don’t need to wait until Techayet HaMetim  (Resurrection of the Dead) to bring these souls back.  Nitzozot / (Sparks or pieces) of almost all of these holy neshamas (souls) are already back – and they are in each one of us.  Almost every Jew born post Holocaust has sparks of the neshamas of the holy 6 million kedoshim (martyrs) in us. We are the 6 million – literally.   Some may be very large parts of souls while others may only be tiny fragments, but almost everyone of us has a connection.  And the reason we have so many gerei tzedek (righteous converts) today is that many of these sparks of neshamas ended up in righteous gentile gufs  (bodies) whose mission is to reconnect to Judaism.

In my work doing Kabbalistic healing, I am privileged to travel around the world to speak to diverse groups of people and to help them connect to healing from previous gilgulim.  Last year, on a speaking tour in Europe, I met a young woman who attended one of my Shabbatons, who had a very severe case of claustrophobia.  She was petrified to go on a plane, into a movie theater or even into a subway car. As an accomplished professional woman, this put a big damper on her life. While speaking to her, I noticed a pendant she was wearing and asked her about it. (As a man, I don’t usually recognize jewelry that much, so this itself was something). She said that she has bought this in Venice – in a 2nd hand market. Right after she shared this with me, a vision – and a knowing – came to me of a young teenage girl hiding in a closet in Venice for an extended period of time during the Holocaust.  This was her in her past life and was the root cause of her claustrophobia. In addition, that pendant she now wore was hers in the previous life – a present her father had given to her. (Shared with permission of the young woman and B’H she has since been healed of most of the claustrophobia and is now able to carry on a more regular life).  This is one case in millions of how each one of us has been affected from the Shoah, and also partially explains the collective victim mentality that Klal Yisrael  has.

We are privileged to have the unique mission and focus in this generation to bring the Geula  –  something that all the Gedolei HaDor – leaders of our generations –  from all backgrounds agree upon. This is the completion of the mission of the generation of the Shoah.  But not only must we bring the Geula, in their honor and memory, we must bring in Sweetly. They had enough pain, suffering, agony and tragedy to rid us of any additional necessity for spiritual purification. We are ready now for the Geula.

As I elaborated in the recent article “Pesach, Blood Moons & The Geula”, post Pesach this year, the world is “scheduled” for some “apparently” very trying times.  But this can be altered as Hashem wants to bring the Geula Sweetly, and we play the critical role in determining how sweet it is.

In short, the Geula is about returning the Light of Creation back into the world. And the more Divine Light – or G-dly energy – that comes into the world is a blessing for those who have the kelim (vessels) to hold this light, and creates havoc and anger for those who do not.  So Israel, which has the kelim, is not only protected but is thriving. And its neighbors who lack the vessels are all cracking under the intense energy coming it. Imagine using a crystal glass to try to catch the water in Niagara Falls. It will shatter under the pressure.  But if the water falls into a great gorge – a large vessel – you create a beautiful lake. For more on this, please see Why The World is So Crazy.

So as the more Light comes in, the Geula is actually happening more sweetly but apparently is more crazy.

The key for all of us in Emunah – Faith.  We all need to shift our consciousness to a consciousness of real Emunah – to a “knowing” Hashem (G-d) really runs the world and is bringing things sweetly. We also need to cry out to Hashem to bring things in the sweetest way possible. To cry out that Gam Zeh L’Tova is no longer good enough.  Gam Zeh L’Tova means “This is also for good” implying we know that something painful is good on a higher level.  Now, we all need to cry out Gam Zeh Metuka  (This is also sweet – meaning is it good on our human level of understanding).

And in this way we will bring the greatest honor and joy to the six million neshamas, who are both in Shamayim (Heaven) – and who reside in each one of us.



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Brachas for Meaningful Day used to its fullest

Chaim David Targan
Yom HaShoah 5775  (2015)

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