The Mystical Reason for Sandy

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The Mystical Reason for Sandy

The Mystical Reason for Hurricane Sandy 

Everyone who experienced the destruction of Sandy – whether in person, through accounts from friends and family or even from just from television and newspapers — feels the pain:  the loss of life, of homes of livelihood, of electric power, the trauma, the frustrations and the overall disruption of what we thought was our “normal” lives. Speaking with a friend of mine, it became clear that the after-effect of the hurricane has sent out spiritual shock waves to the world and it is not surprising that this happened during Cheshvan – the bridge and painful month of growth between the holiness of the holidays of Tishrei and the miracle energy of Kislev.


So Sandy was really a tsunami of energy as the world goes to a higher vibrational level.


So why did it happen?

The Parsha (Torah Reading) of the week of Sandy was Vayeira, and the Kabbalistic text the Zohar on Vayeira mentions that Hashem (G-d) took the Sheath (protective layer) off of the sun during the blazing hot day that the three angels visited Avraham. At another level, this refers to a tremendous increase in Divine energy – or as others would call a higher vibrational level. This is what has been happening for decades in our lifetime in preparation for the Geula (The final redemption), and the energy is poised to increase dramatically in the near future. The challenge with this higher level of energy is that if you have a strengthened and expanded keli (vessel) to hold the energy, then you will be warmed and opened up to a higher level of Divine Consciousness. But if your keli is not opened up enough, you will get burnt.  So Sandy was really a tsunami of energy as the world goes to a higher vibrational level.

On a mystical level, this destruction helped to make each of us focus on what is important to us and provided the catalyst to help change our nature  — which is perhaps the most difficult thing in life to do. We don’t change our natures easily. We need wake up calls. Sometimes Hashem sends us a sweet wake-up call with music, and other times the wakes up calls are not so friendly or serene. During challenges like this, we are forced to run towards our inner selves, to connect to our essence, and in the process we get pushed to our own limits to move us forward. The goal is not to get back to our comfort zones, but to transcend them.

Most of us think of the Hurricane as something horrible – and for the tragic loss of life it certainly was –  and the higher reasons for this are not usually revealed until we are in the next world. And we should know never judge anyone, as we are not privy to the reasons for their challenges, as they may be much holier than we are. But we are also taught “Gam Zeh L’Tova” which means this is also for good, indicating that everything from Hashem is good, If we are privileged to see things from the lens of Hashem. On a daily basis, however, this is a very deep challenge for most of us.

So let’s take short journey and make an attempt look at things from Hashem’s eyes.  In the big picture Hashem shook things up big time. For many of us, basic assumptions of life were thrown out the door: where we live, who we associate with, where we learn, how we get around, what we eat, what groups we are connected to, and the list goes on and on. In a world that is overly materialistic and lacking in spirituality – including in the religious world – lives were turned upside down and often put in the right direction.

Allow me share with you a few personal stories I heard from friends the past two weeks to explain. One friend, whose parents were living together but disconnected from one another and where family unity was severely lacking, was forced to move to a relative’s place because of a power outage. This forced change of habit caused a complete overhaul in his family’s dynamic with his parents reconnecting and created a family bonding that hadn’t existed in many years.

Another friend, who was on vacation when the hurricane hit, had to delay her return home to New York because of airport closings. This extra time away was what she needed to have a huge breakthrough spiritually that had evaded her for dozens of years.

And I heard in my morning minyan of a report from someone who had stayed at a blacked-out beach town for Shabbat and asked how it was. The response was “It was the best Shabbos of my life. People actually cared for one another like brothers. Everyone was watching out for each other the way Hashem wanted us to be. I wish it was like this all the time”.  And I heard many heartwarming stories when I volunteered in Long Beach about how touched the residents were when five hundred of us showed up to help them get their lives and homes back in order

And how many of us know people – or are people – who have taken in friends, family or pure strangers to help out. This helps both the giver and receiver. And the receiver, not only that they have a roof over their heads, but the knowing that someone is there for them. And just possibly, some of these people didn’t have that safety and security as a child and needed to experience Hashem’s love and blessings revealed through these new hosts. And it’s hard to speak to a volunteer that hasn’t been moved by the experience. Each person we connect with creates a unique and powerful life experience – one where we can teach, learn from and experience Hashem’s will through them.

Many people have prayed that things “go back to normal”. I hope and pray that this doesn’t happen – but that it should get much better. If all we get from this tragedy is the same thing we had before, then we failed to learn our lessons or get the benefits of it.

We all came into this world to both achieve our mission and fix many things connected to our souls and our previous gilgulim (previous lives – or transmigration of our souls). And on a communal level, we are privileged to be the generation to usher in the Geula. So we individually and collectively have a lot of growth needed.  So my challenge for all of us is to look deeply into how this experience shifted us, so we can learn what we gained from the experience and to continually grow from there. And in this merit, bring the Geula more quickly and more sweetly. May Hashem bless us with sweet and immediate success.

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