Geula Update – Peres Funeral

Sep 29, 2016 by

Geula Update – Peres Funeral

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED… But it is all Good…

The world leaders are coming here to Jerusalem for a reason. Yes it is all part of the Geula process but it is a sweetening of the prophecy. Hashem designed the prophecies so they could be implemented in various permutations. Just as tests, paths and wake up calls on an individual level can come the hard way or the sweet way, it is the same with the Geula prophecies. All of us would rather wake up with a sweet kiss than a cup of ice water thrown on us.

So while there is a sweetening of the Geula process, as we are still sleeping too much and unaware, it is still not the sweetest way. So the process is unfolding that there will appear to be chaos around the world and with what is happening here in Jerusalem around Peres’ funeral. BUT IT IS ALL A FACADE. Those who live in Geula consciousness will be happy and unafraid. Others, depending on their emuna, will have varying levels of fear, anxiety and worry. Have no fear as none of it is real.

Hashem has already sidelined the Ministering angels and is now the sole producer and director of the final act. It is all from rachamim, all from compassion. The Geula has been delayed again and again as Hashem, more than anything else, wants to bring the Geula in the sweetest way possible. All other predictions or visions are in klipa, are pasul – seen falsely through a lower level – or often through ego.

Expect the apparent chaos. Expect some pretty crazy things ahead.. And know even when there is some real pain within Klal Yisrael, and G-d forbid, I am not minimizing any pain, as we all have friends and family that have been affected. And even though we will likely not understand it, these are all spiritual actors, and when the curtain comes up, as it will soon, we will see that those hurt were usually holy volunteers on a spiritual level to help wake the rest of us up – and they all have great zechut / merit.

Expect some wild headlines. Expect the world pointing their collective finger at Israel, and bringing on extreme pressure… and we need to just laugh at situation as they have NO REAL POWER. It has already been taken away from them. O

Only Hashem determines who is in this world from one day to the next – and what power or even existence they have.

And to the righteous in the world, this is the clarion call to wake up and CHOOSE GOOD. The world.has been splitting up between Good and Evil for a while, but it has becone very nebulous to many, who falsely believed they were on the right side.

CHOOSE G-d”s side. And G-d’s side is that of Israel. Everything else is mistaken based on ego. Understand that the Jewish role in the world – very simply put – was from the Divine conception to be a light unto Nations, to bring G-dlinss to a G-d-less world. The Jewish role is to reveal G-d who has deliberately hidden himself so we could have the merit, through free choice to reveal Him in the physical world we live in.

And contrary to what many believe, the role of “Chosen” does not mean that we are on the top of the spiritual mountain to keep others down. We are on the top of the spiritual mountain to lift everyone else up. So CHOOSE Good, G-d’s objective good. And fight for it. And fight for klal yiarael – the people of Israel – as you have recently been spiritually empowered and protected to do so. And you will receive great merit both in this world and in Olam HaBa – the world to come.

Stay Tuned for very frequent updates

Chaim David Targan
The Kotel
Elul 26 5776. Sept 29 2016


  1. nili

    KETIVAH V’CHATIMAH TOVAH! Thank you for this beautiful post. So uplifting. May the Geulah come in a blink of an eye!

  2. Edith Rivkah

    Awesome right to The point, how are you!

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