How to Manifest Success

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How to Manifest Success


  1. Decide what you want to work on – and replace “Success” with any word you want, such as “In a state of Dveikut with Hashem, Free of Anger, Wealthy, Attracting my perfect zivug, Shalom Bayit, Being healed by Hashem, etc” 
  2. Always use the positive aspect such as “FREE of Fear”, rather than NO, NOT, etc 
  3. Have the intention that what you want should be:
     – Aligned with What Hashem (G-d) wants for me
     – Is for my Highest and Greatest Good 
  4. Either
     – Initially verbally include several things in what success is such as “Having a meaningful life, marrying my soulmate, abundance of parnassa L’Shem Shamayaim, etc.” OR
     – Change “Success” above to a single item – for specific focus and maximum effect for this issue 
  5. Benchmark yourself 1-10 before saying the lines above
    (On a 1-10 Scale) how Successful (or other energy) are you feeling now?
  6. Repeat the whole things 3x in a row – slowly, with powerful kavana (paying close attention to the words you are actually saying) 
  7. Notice which specific lines below are the hardest to say.  For example,  if  the “I Deserve…”  or “I Believe…” lines above are difficult to say and you don’t feel your energy shifting here, then you have hit on very deep blocks, and you need to focus on these more. 

    Simultaneously, if you feel certain statements make you feel more positive, focused, energized, calm, upbeat, etc., then you have also hit on a major ]area which needs work, but is easier to shift just with this statements.


  1. Repeat the lines with the strongest shifts (see 6 above) throughout the day, each time repeating it 3x, or in groups of 3x – as this is working on the three levels of soul – nefesh ruach and neshama 
  2. Benchmark Yourself afterwards
    (On a 1-10 Scale) how Successful (or other energy) are you feeling now?
  3. Do this daily, especially in the morning 
  4. Keep a written log – on paper or on your phone what shifts you have seen from doing this 
  5. Ask What is missing here? 
  6. Please Email me Other Categories to Add here




  1. I am expecting success
  2. I am attracting success
  3. I am manifesting success
  4. I am success
  5. I am worthy of success
  6. I deserve success
  7. I have great worth regarding success
  8. I am welcoming success
  9. I am allowing success
  10. I am allowed success
  11. I am accepting success
  12. I am comfortable with success
  13. I am worry free regarding success
  14. I am fearless regarding success
  15. Others are happy for my success
  16. I am filled with Emuna (Faith) for success
  17. I am filled with Bitachon (Certainty) for Success
  18. I want Success
  19. I DESIRE Success (Focus Strong on this – as desire is key to manifesting)
  20. I am enthusiastic about success
  21. I Believe I am a success
  22. I Believe I will continue to be a success
  23. This time Success is really happening
  24. I am able to retain success
  25. I am free of all negativity holding back success
  26. I am free of all limiting beliefs blocking success
  27. I am free of all others negative energy blocking success
  28. I am free of all blockages in my cell memory blocking success
  29. Hashem has accepted all of my Teshuva to enable my success
  30. I am free of all self sabotage regarding my success
  31. I am free of abuse, holding back success
  32. I am free of procrastination
  33. I am free of frustration regarding success
  34. I am free of disappointment and being let down regarding success
  35. I am free of being overwhelmed regarding success
  36. I am free of past life issues that have held back success
  37. Letting Go of everything to clear the path for success
  38. I am accepting Success on Hashem’s level
  39. I am free of All resentment that has been holding back success
  40. I am free of all stubbornness holding back success
  41. I am a success on a conscious level
  42. I am a success on a subconscious level
  43. I am a success on a soul level
  44. I am a success in all gilgulim (incarnations) past, present and future
  45. I am a success on all soul levels: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya, Yechida
  46. I am a success in all Olamot (Worlds)
  47. I am free of blocking others from success
  48. Others are happy for me that I am a success
  49. Others like me when I am a success
  50. My success is helping to empower others to be a success
  51. I am free of the belief of Divine Deceipt
  52. I am sending out energy that I am a success
  53. Hashem wants me to be a success


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