Haim David a Paris

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Haim David a Paris


Chaim David Targan – Guérisseur kabbaliste et mystique à Jérusalem, est disponible ce Shabbat (27-28 novembre) à Paris, suite à un changement de derniere minute (sans aucun frais). En s’inspirant d’une lecture kabbalistique, il vient apporter un éclairage nouveau sur les tragédies récentes et à comprendre pourquoi ces évènements se passent à un niveau kabbalistique.


Il a travaillé avec plus de 10 000 personnes sur les 6 continents, notamment à Aish HaTorah, Chabad, Diaspora Yeshiva, et lors de Shabbats pleins de Carlebach et de Limmud. Il est disponible pour parler à des groupes – à des organisations ou chez des particuliers.



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   Contacter Chaim David:    workshop@Abra-Ca-Dabra.org



  1. laura

    come to antwerp, email me, L

  2. Moishela's Discussion on Donald Trump

    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
    A Handicapped child
    28 Nisan 5776 (May 6, ‘16)

    “It Is TRUTH!”

    Mommy, There will be big revelations this coming week. Most people won’t understand what they are hearing or seeing but there will be enough people that will understand. The world is in great danger. The drums of war are heard everywhere. Worldwide we see countries pulling out their most deadly weapons and exhibiting them together with their armies marching in formation to the sounds of war. The rattling of missiles, beating of the drums is happening in almost every country of the world. While most of the people stop and scratch their heads trying to figure out why in the world everyone is talking about war. It’s not clear in any way what the reasons are for countries to go to such an extreme. But the world has bowed its head and just let the Reshoim continue their plans to take over all of the world and march most of humanity directly to their death.

    This coming week should reveal more of their plans. The people of America are trying to make Donald Trump their president in order to overcome the shackles that have been put on them by the Reshoim or socalled popular vote of the people of the United States. I doubt very seriously if there will be an election at all.

    Hashem is going to bring upon the world such an enormous tragedy, such an enormous test for the righteous and those who want to be righteous, that in all history, since man was created, no test, no spiritual test has ever been so difficult.

    But Hashem is preparing us for it. He created us and He knows who will pass and who will fail, Chas Vesholom. However we don’t know what the outcome will be. So, Am Yisroel, hold on tight to your Emunah and Bitachon in Hashem. Hold on tight to your Davening and to our customs, our learning Torah, to everything that makes us Yidden. Hold onto your outward Tzniusdik look of a Yid. Hold on with all your heart, your soul and your might so as not to be blown away by the incredibly strong winds of destruction that will destroy most of the world. There will also be fire and water together with the wind that will destroy two thirds of our planet eart.This is not a joke, it’s not made up. It is Truth! It’s not a movie or a story written in a book. It is the Truth! One day soon we are going to realize that it is Truth. I hope for all Am Yisroel and for all the righteous Goyim that accept the Truth that we survive this most difficult time and live on to achieve eternity.

    Gut Shabbos

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