A Letter from G-D on Chanuka

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A Letter from G-D on Chanuka




My Dearest Klal Yisrael,

The galut (exile) is over. It is time for our ultimate reunion.  We no longer need to miss each other. We need to be together. This is the message of the Geula – our holy reunion.  Our separation is over. I’m inviting you to come home in the sweetest way. I am sending flowers and chocolate, candies and love letters.  Please wake up and you need to wake up your friends and family and you need to wake up the world  – ever so gently and ever so sweetly, but firmly nonetheless.  I miss you, I miss everyone. Connect To Me. Tell them The Creator of the World misses them. Put this on rooftops and hills throughout the world.

Tell them I am sending messengers to you around the world since you are so far away from me. I want to tell you myself, in each one your own words, but you have to come home. Come back to me. Come into the palace.  What you have been praying and crying over for 2000 years has finally come. The doors are now wide open.  You are all invited.  And the party and dancing starts this Chanuka.

The wait is over. This Zot Chanuka (the 8th day), the light of creation returns and the start of the Geula begins It is the beginning of a process that only a few of you will realize.

I miss you. I love you and I want you back

Send this out to the world. Come home through the sweet wake up calls. I do NOT want to give you the harsh wake up calls anymore but sometimes I need to get your attention. But don’t just cry out to me when things are tough and challenging.  Connect to me when things are good.  Cry out to Me in Thanks, in love in joy, in sweetness, in passion. Come close to me and I will reveal more of myself to you. This is part of the goal of why I created you. This is because I love you.

I wanted you to know how I felt, and I have been separated from you, my Kallah, (Klal Yisrael), so you need to understand what it means as well. You were created in my image, means you have to also experience some of my pain.  But you have to also experience my joy, and just as we are getting back together so will you and your soulmates in the physical world. So you are all being urged to cry out and seek your soulmates this Chanuka as I am making it much easier to find them and connect now.

Each day is a buildup of energy until the holy explosive energy of Zot Chanuka, when we connect to the full light of creation that has been hidden.  So each day increase yourself in kedusha, in holiness, in kindness in love, in judging others favorably, of speaking only good about others, of elevating the world through the mitzvahs of my Holy Torah.  The time is now for the ultimate breakthrough on individual and cosmic levels. Let’s not miss this golden and permanent reunion.


This Chanuka is the actual start of the Geula, and Zot Chanuka is the actual day it begins. Let the world know.

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